Why Solo Female Travelers Are Taking the Lead Travelling Around the World?

Solo travel has emerged not just as a trend but as the ultimate act of self-indulgence. No longer a choice of necessity or a compromise, embarking on a solo journey has become a rare opportunity to prioritize one’s own needs and desires in life’s demands.

Widening Horizons for Solo Explorers
Solo travel experiences have diversified to cater to different preferences and interests. Whether it’s ticking off bucket list adventures like hiking the Camino de Santiago or embarking on a cruise to Antarctica, solo travelers are no longer limited by the hesitations of companions. Tour operators are responding to this demand by introducing solo travel collections, specific departure dates for solo adventurers, and, in some cases, eliminating costly single supplements.

Creating Safe Spaces for Solo Female Travelers
The solo travel landscape is witnessing a surge in female solo travelers, with 84% of Gen Z women expressing interest in solo travel, as reported by Student Universe. Craft Travel has observed a remarkable 350% increase in women-based adventure travel compared to the previous year. This rise suggests a shift where women are no longer waiting for a partner’s schedule to align but are confidently pursuing adventurous destinations independently.

Solo Travel Destinations

Exploring the Trails of Spain
Ramble Worldwide caters to solo hikers with more than half of their travelers embarking on solo adventures. The Walking from San Telmo itinerary on Mallorca offers raw mountain and coastal trails, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience for those who relish the great outdoors.

Wellness Retreat in St Lucia
Wellness breaks have become a popular choice among solo travelers. The BodyHoliday in St Lucia stands out, offering a waiver on the usual single supplement during their themed ‘September solos’ month. The resort provides an extensive array of fitness classes, activities, and even spa treatments to enhance the solo traveler’s well-being.

Sun-Kissed Vietnam
Just You, a multi-award-winning specialist in solo travel, presents the Discover Vietnam trip, providing a comprehensive immersion into the country’s culture and tropical landscapes. Ideal for those seeking a social group dynamic throughout their journey.

Cultural Odyssey in Oman
YellowWood Adventures focuses on cultural holidays, with 70% of their travelers solo. The Undiscovered Oman trip offers an authentic experience, including meetings with Bedouins, sailing around the Daymaniyat Islands, and camping in the Sugar Dunes desert.

Arctic Encounters in Canada
 – Responding to the surge in solo bookings, Discover the World introduces a solo travel collection, featuring dedicated singles departure dates. Their Polar Bear Adventure includes a special women-only departure, offering a unique encounter with polar bears and an opportunity to connect with local indigenous women.

As solo travel continues to evolve, it transcends the boundaries of being a mere trend. It has become a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The rise of solo travel in 2024 is not just a testament to the changing dynamics of travel preferences but a celebration of the individual’s spirit of adventure. So, whether it’s navigating the serene landscapes of Spain, indulging in wellness in St Lucia, or exploring the rich culture of Oman, solo travelers are forging their unique paths, proving that the world is truly at its most expansive when experienced alone.